1.7.2. Release and Making qCraft Open Source

Back in October, Dan200 and some friends from Google, MinecraftEdu, E-Line Media, and CalTech came together to build qCraft to see if we could bring quantum mechanical principles into Minecraft. Seven months and hundreds of thousands of downloads later, we’ve been thrilled to see what players have done with it, and even more excited by their ideas for how to expand the mod.

Since launching, we’ve added some new features like server-to-server teleportation and advanced redstone interactions, and built a whole curriculum for teachers to use in the classroom. But we know there’s so much more qCraft can do, so today we’re taking the mod open source, available for anyone to contribute to or fork.

Developers can help our team improve the current quantum features, like allowing mobs and players to be teleported using quantum computers. Or they can add totally new features, like quantum levitation (maglev minecarts!). Or they can fork the mod and do whatever they want with it, whether it’s quantum or not: maybe houses that disappear with the flick or a switch, or doors that only open with the placement of the correct series of blocks.

The possibilities are endless, and that’s part of the reason why we’re going open source.

Fork the source on Google Code and start experimenting.

Happy hacking!

qCraft Team


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