How to Get qCraft

Option 1 — Download a modpack (recommended)

qCraft is available today as part of the Technic Platform and FTB Unleashed modpacks. If you’ve never installed a Minecraft mod before, this is probably the easiest way to get qCraft, plus each modpack includes a bunch of other great mods!

    • Tehnic Platform — qCraft is available in both the Tekkit and Hexxit modpacks. Download the Technic Launcher and start it. Select either Tekkit or Hexxit from the list on the left. Click the settings icon, choose ‘Always Use Latest Build’, click ‘Save’, sign in with your Minecraft username/password and launch!
    • FTB — Download FTB and start the launcher. In the modpacks list on the left, select ‘FTB Unleashed’ and select ’1.1.5′ in the version dropdown (says ‘Recommended’ by default). Sign in with your Minecraft username/password and launch!

Option 2 — Direct download and install

qCraft requires a licensed copy of Minecraft available from Mojang, and the Minecraft Forge mod loader.  You will also need a program to unzip the .zip file.

Installation Instructions

If you have never installed a Minecraft mod before, the process can be a little technical. We recommend using one of the modpacks, which provide an easier way of getting the mod.

We have also prepared detailed install instructions for both Windows and Mac.

MinecraftEdu Users

MinecraftEdu is an officially-supported version of Minecraft for authorized educational users. qCraft is compatible with MinecraftEdu and you can find instructions for installing it here.

Prior Versions

Source Code

With version 1.2, qCraft has been released as open source software. You can access the source code using this Google Code repository.


Minecon Demo World

Visitors to our booth at Minecon 2013 had a chance to explore this quantum map featuring the Institute for Quantum Ocelots and Matter, a playground that showcases key concepts from the mod. You can download the map below and play for yourself. This requires that you install the mod using one of the methods above, of course.

Desktop Backgrounds

These desktop backgrounds were also on display in our Minecon booth.