Introducing Server-to-Server Quantum Portals and qCraft 1.1

Today, we’re pleased to release a significant update to qCraft, qCraft version 1.1. This version contains a few new quantum items, some fixes and improvements plus a brand new quantum mechanic (pun intended): quantum portals. From the Wiki:

Quantum portals use Quantum Computers to establish a link through which players can instantaneously travel between two points in the same Minecraft world (intra-server portals) or between a specific point in the world on one Minecraft server and a specific point in the world on a different Minecraft server (inter-server or server-to-server portals). Players can travel through a portal, come out the other side at a pre-set destination and, if they like, take their inventory with them.

Server to server portal

Note also that you can combine quantum portals and the quantizing ability of quantum teleporters to move entire structures from one place to another.

In addition to thinking that the possibility of jumping instantly from one Minecraft world to another was just plain cool, we also drew some inspiration from the concept of the multiverse in quantum mechanics: where a hypothetical set of infinite or finite possible universes together comprise everything that exists and can exist. In our interpretation, different Minecraft servers felt a little like that – the same experience, but different, existing simultaneously.

You’ll find documentation of how to set up portals here in the wiki. We’d also encourage those interested in setting up server-to-server portals to check out the configuration settings here for information on how to set things up securely. Briefly: players can’t use server-to-server portals to gain access to a server they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to access and by default the mod requires that server admins validate links to external servers.

If you’d like to test out portals, you can do so in singleplayer mode by creating intra-server portals within a single Minecraft map. If you’d like to test server-to-server portals and don’t have access to multiplayer servers running the mod, you can set up a server (or pair of servers) to run locally on your computer. You can find instructions in this document.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Server-to-Server Quantum Portals and qCraft 1.1

    • That sounds like a nice mod complement. Send a message through the Endernet to the hooked up quantum portal. “Turn on the portal we’re comin through!” This provides so many sci-fi adventure mode plots and immersion.

      Farm up 5 nether stars. Send them through the Endernet to turn on the Quantum portal on the other side etc.

  1. I just watched DireWolf20’s updated spotlight on this, and I noticed these Quantum Portals are the same size as default Nether Portals. So then I wondered: will these portals support the variable portal sizes in 1.7 and later?

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