qCraft at Minecon

Institute for Quantum Ocelots and Matter

We’re here at Minecon 2013 and excited to share some cool stuff with folks here in Orlando and at home.

If you’re at Minecon, stop by our booth to play with the mod, meet the team, learn some quantum physics from our friends at Caltech and hit us up on Twitter with hashtag #qCraft. We’ve also got a panel on qCraft happening at 1:40PM on Saturday. And be sure to check your goody bags for qCraft stickers and a chance to score a sweet qCraft t-shirt with our entangled scavenger hunt.

If you’re at home, you can download and play the quantum map we’re debuting in our booth for either Minecraft or MinecraftEdu. You’ll also need to the mod itself, available on our downloads page.